Photo Gallery

2014 lab members

Summer 2014 - lab members at lunch.

Dr. Ichinose Promotion Ceremony

Dr. Ichinose at her promotion ceremony.

retina image

Ganglion cells in a glaucoma retina.

2016 lab members

2016 - lab members in the lab.

Bipolar cell

A labelled type 5 bipolar cell.

2019 Lab Members Lunch

2019 - lab members at lunch after a conference.


Ali Chukr presenting at the Undergraduate Research Day

Former lab member Ali presenting his poster at the undergraduate research day.



Retina Image

Former lab member Winston working with the vibratome.


2014 lab members

Human Embryonic Kidney (HEK) cells being labelled.

Dr. Ichinose Promotion Ceremony

Type 2 bipolar cells and sodium channels.

mouse retina patch

Schematic showing how we patch retinal cells.

Lab members dancing at the 2019 OVAS appreciation event

Lab members dancing at the 2019 OVAS appreciation event.

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Ichinose Lab